Tai O Fishing Village
Tai O Fishing Village
The serene and tranquil river around the Tai O Fishing Village

Tai O Fishing Village is another place of Hong kong that should not be missed. I am sure that there are plenty of places that will help you relax away from the chaotic city, but I have one reason why it is different. The village looks a lot more reserved, traditional and quiet. Unlike other destinations in Hong Kong which were built to cater to international tourists, this place is more of a residency area with a strong sense of culture and traditions. The Venice of Hong Kong will definitely give you a new experience of Chinese local culture.

Location of Tai O Fishing Village

Tai O Fishing Village is located on the western side of Lantau Island. Since the village is quite far from the city, you can use the bus or ferry. By using the ferry, you should stop in Central Ferry Pier which is right in front of the International Finance Mall. A Journey through ferry offers a stunning view and another experience even though it is a little bit slower. Meanwhile, there is a route available by using the MTR. Make sure you choose to stop at Tung Chung Station exit B. Afterwards, from Tung Chung Town Centre directly take bus number 11.

Stroll Around the Fishing Village

Tai O Fishing Village
Traditionall stilt house around the riverbanks

Once you arrive in the Village, you will be able to see the real-life routine of Tai O people. As old as it seems, this community has been going on for around 100 years. In other words, the oldest fishing community in Hongkong. It used to be a huge community of more than 30,000 people. But there are less than 1000 people live here now. The locals still depend on the ocean as their source of living. That is why their houses were built literally above the water.

Tai O Village is famous for its stilt house community. Most of the people who live in the village are elderly. You may see them drying their clothes outside the river, or preparing their foods on the front porch of their house. For a better experience, you can rent a tour with a small boat, strolling around the river. There is no need to book the tour, just directly reserve it on the place. Even without booking the boat, you can still walk around by the small paths around the village.

You should also experience the Tai Cung Bridge which opens and close every time people wanted to cross. The bridge really helped the lives of people since they don’t have to cross with boat anymore. It also helped any distribution of foods, staple necessities and etc.

Trying the Local Cuisine

With the ultimate fresh seafood variations, you can stuff yourself as many things as possible. You may even see the local people dried their seafood on the roofs of their houses. With a pungent smell of dried seafood, you might lose your appetite, but bear with me, the foods are a must-try. For example, if you ordered some grilled fish, they will pick up the fish then grill it in front of you. Or you can try the famous Chinese cuisine, dried egg yolks. Lastly, fill up your stomach with delicious mochi with sweet fillings like matcha or red bean paste.

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