Tanah lot bali

Tanah Lot is among the most visited destination in Bali. It is only 30 km away from Ngurah Rai International Airport that you can reach in an hour. To get in, you will have to pay for the tickets. What differentiates Tanah Lot from the other beaches is that it is not really a place for you to swim here. The beach is mainly full of sharp reefs and unique rock formations.

When I say a unique rock formation, it is a really unique one. There is a huge rock formation in the seashore where people built a majestic temple to pray. If you are lucky, you will witness the most beautiful sunset ever with the silhouette of the majestic temple. So, make sure you prepare your best cameras and your best outfits because believe me, you will want to take a lot of pictures, especially if you’re bringing your spouse with you. It is really a romantic background. The surrounding of Tanah Lot has been improved and renovated from years to years.

Now, Tanah Lot has a beautiful park which a lot of Gazebos that you can use to rest. Sometimes you will be able to meet a man who will charge you a few dollars to take a picture with a tame phyton. I mean, why don’t you want to take a picture with a huge snake around your shoulder with the background of this majestic temple right? Post that on your Instagram and your friend will envy your vacation experience.

Tanah Lot is going to be more crowded in the time of the Balinese Traditional Holidays which is Odalan which is celebrated every 210 days. If you come around this time, you will be able to see a lot of locals dressing in colorful traditional clothes bringing a generous amount of offerings to the temple. Wait, the best part is not yet to be finished. If you come around the right time after the sun is down, Tanah lot will serve you with a traditional dance that you must watch. The traditional dance is called Kecak where it all played by men sitting down with their hands up saying cak spontaneously. There will be a girl wearing a modest Balinese costume dancing in the middle. The local rumors spread that most of the dancers are possessed by the spirit of the temple.

Before you reach the beach, you will be passing through the local craft shops. Most of them will offer you cute souvenirs you can buy to take home. The cheapest and the most unique one is a bamboo keychain with Tanah Lot background. Don’t worry about never finding your name in the keychain retails, because the locals will write your name for you. It probably only costs you $2 so buy more for your friends. Tanah Lot also has plenty of restaurants that you can enjoy. It serves mostly traditional seafood such as grilled fish and freshly picked coconut at a very reasonable price. You can enjoy your foods while enjoying the sunset from your seats. What are you waiting for?

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