Temple Street Night Market

Temple Street Night Market is the heaven for cheapskate shopaholic! But you should not feel obligated to buy anything. Just a walk around the market does enough to fulfill your adventurous soul. However, it will be impossible to resist the urge to get some souvenirs for friends and family back home. With the countless amount of products are there, your bargaining adventure shall begin!


Temple Street Night Market is only 10 minutes walk from Kowloon Park. Therefore, people often call it Kowloon Market as well. It is in Temple Road of Tsim Sha Tsui. The market is also located in the heart of the city, so it is easily accessible through public transportations like buses and MTR, depending on your location. If you are using the MTR to Jordan, make sure you stop at Exit A and walk for a few minutes toward the night market. For fast direction, click here.

Shopping and Eatery in Temple Street Night Market

Temple Street Night Market will start to bustle right after the sunset. Beforehand, the sellers, pick-up drivers, and shop owners are busy to prepare the things they are going to sell. After that, the quiet block will turn into a vibrant and strenuous night market. As one of the most popular markets, you will meet countless tourists, as excited as you are. People often say that this market is the tourists trap.

Temple Street Night Market

Before you are ready to shop, keep in mind that most of the trinkets and branded items here are mostly fake and imitations. That is why don’t shock when you see a Gucci bag at a very cheap price. The varieties of the products in the markets are sometimes unthinkable. Some vendors are literally selling sex toys and adult magazines. But don’t worry, they sell other useful things like kitchen utensils, hardware, electronics, various garments, to cheap accessories. Practice your skill of bargaining here and try to make use of your money wisely.

Even if you don’t buy anything, you can absolutely look around the unlimited food vendors or commonly known as Do Pai Dong. This is where you can immerse yourself fully with authentic delish. There are vendors selling hot noodles, dumplings, vegetarian dish, won ton, sliced fish cake, and fish meatballs. There are countless varieties of Seafood and I can assure you that it is as fresh as it can be. Most of the fishes, lobsters or oysters are still alive in separate aquariums, usually in front of the restaurants. That is to prove the freshness of the food you order.

Fortune Tellers and Cantonese Opera Singing

The majority of Chinese people still strongly believe in their tradition of going to the fortune teller. You can try this special experience by going to a small stall where the fortune teller sits in front of you. There is a special stall where a bird will pick up a piece of paper with advice on it. What a fun experience.

Before you walk away from the crowd, watch the performance Cantonese Live singing. The singers came from different levels, from the beginner to the advanced are performing the traditional music and songs. It is quite different from what we usually hear but definitely interesting to witness something new.

Temple Street Night Market

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