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The Bahamas already reopen country for international tourists from July 1, 2020.
Director General of the Bahamas Tourism & Aviation Ministry Joy Jibrilu said the island nation is focused on visitor safety and works with health protocols to the tourist without fear of the second outbreak of coronavirus.

The Bahamas closed its borders for travelers in March when the virus pandemic spread. But the country began launching campaigns in April. Many tourists in the United States who are trapped in quarantine start looking for a vacation in the Caribbean again and the Bahamas is at the top of the list.

Another primary focus of the Bahamas Tourism & Aviation Ministry is the hurricane season, which officially starts on Monday. The country’s tourism industry is recovering from the destruction of Hurricane Dorian, and they continue to plan to protect local residents and visitors this season.To help attract tourists back, the Bahamas Hotel & Tourism Association also said that the majority of members offer storm-related cancellation policies to protect tourists who are thinking about visiting the islands in the coming months.

Previously, the government had also removed the restrictions on several islands around the Bahamas such as on Family Island, an archipelago with several beautiful islands such as Cat Island, Long Island, Abaco, and Andros. Meanwhile, two other islands in Exuma, San Salvador and Eleuthera are waiting for green status.also plans to make a COVID-19 free travel card which will be used to facilitate domestic travel throughout the island.

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