Hongkong as the city of light is famous for the glamorous lifestyle and sophisticated branded stores all over the city. Surprisingly, Hongkong also offers various activities that involve nature. One of the places that should be on your hiking list to experience is the Dragon’s Back Trail.

Nominated as the world’s 23 best hiking spot. Dragon’s Back Trail is a must thing to do while you are in Hongkong.

created by dji camera

It is the world’s best trail site for reasonable reasons. The Dragon’s Back trail is probably the only area you can get the best view possible. It is also the easiest to reach among other trail sites in Hongkong. You can comfortably bring your children with you because it is one of the safest hiking trails in the world. I am sure they will love the experience and breathtaking scenery.

The area offers a different perspective of Hongkong. When you are hiking, you will be able to see the Hongkong’s blue sky unobstructed by the hazy skyscrapers. The gold sand beach underneath and the bright turquoise ocean is definitely stunning. The trail also let you enjoy the fresh air and out of town experience with the huge open spaces. The trail also let you explore different natural plantations making the trail feel more pleasant.

If you come during the monsoon season, you have to prepare yourself with a high probability of rain. Hence, the view will not be as clear as coming when it is sunny. The clouds will cover most of the scenery as well. The trail also will be muddy most of the time. It is important for you to prepare hiking apparel such as a comfortable walking shoes. Keep in mind that Hongkong is very humid, therefore you will be sweating off a lot.

Hiking site may be too crowded in the peak seasons and summer. It is usually shiny and offers a clear sky landscape. Don’t worry, the site will be able to accommodate all of the visitors. It will not distract you from enjoying the beauty of Dragon’s Back Trail. Don’t forget to keep your trash. Keep it to yourself first because it is usually hard to find a trash bin around the trail.

Personally, hiking in Dragon’s Back Trail was the most liberating experience I ever had. The scenery is just too good to be true. While hiking, my mind was taken to wonder on how beautiful the world is. I thought I took the best decision ever to go outside of my comfort zone. I also took a cinematic video of the trail as a continuing my journey. Check out the link down below!

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