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One of the most developed parts of Asia is located right in this small island bordering Malaysia and Indonesia. As the smallest country among its neighbors, it has a strong attraction towards international tourists to spend their leisure time strolling around the city. It offers beautiful modern landscapes of tall skyscrapers. Most of the residents live in tall apartments due to the scarcity of land. Even though it is densely populated, the city was designed to accommodate all the essential facilities. The city also has an advanced MRT and buses to ease your journey.

Meanwhile, the astonishing Marina Bay Sands of Singapore has become the major international tourist destination. It is an enormous resort with more than 2500 rooms owned by the Las Vegas Sands. The 5-star hotel also has a stunning view of the city landscape since the building has a total of 57 floors. The hotel is truly all about the luxurious facilities, such as a classy experience of Spa and Massage, fully-equipped fitness center, Hot Sauna, private Jacuzzi, and an extravagant bar.

What has attracted the most visitors is its famous infinity pool which is located on top of the building. Imagine the experience of swimming in the pool with breathtaking views of the city. Marina Bay Sands also provides fine dining experiences with a grand and various eateries. They also employ celebrity chefs to please your tummy with their exquisite foods.

created by dji camera

Unfortunately, All of that is only accessible if you pay the full price of the room as a guest. But if you don’t want to pay extra cash to stay, Marina Bay Sands has some places for non-guest to enjoy. One of them is The SkyPark which is the Hotel’s observation deck located on the 57th floor. It offers panoramic landscapes of Singapore. Please remind yourself that they will charge you around $23 for adults and $17 for kids to visit this place. The Skypark also has a stall selling souvenirs with the theme of Marina Bay Sands.

The other place is Gardens by the Bay which does not have an entrance fee. It is a modern park with a tremendous amount of plantation to make the city greener. It is a favorite place for not only international tourists but also for the local residents to escape from the hectic lifestyle. Two of the park features require an entrance fee, which is the Flower Dome and the Cloud forest. The Guinness Book of Records place Flower Dome as the biggest greenhouse in the world.

The other one is the cloud forest, which portrays the rainforest of South East Asia. Located a little higher than the other parks but are smaller. Gardens Bay also has a special place for children to visit which is The Children’s Garden. The children’s garden is located near the treehouse and the adventure trail. The adventure trail has trampolines, balancing beams, hanging bridges and more. What a fun experience to enjoy while visiting Singapore.

Check out our cinematic videos featuring the Marina Bay Sands down below!

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