Magnificent Sunset on Petitenget Beach

Petitenget Beach is one of the best beaches in Bali to experience the sunset. The seashores are shallow, making it perfect for afternoon beach walking. The dark sand is beautiful when it touches the tides. You can get a little bit wet while enjoying the scenery. You can even bring your dogs here to walk, like what everyone else does. This is exactly the right place for you and your spouse to get romantic!

Petitenget Beach and the beautiful sunset
The best site to enjoy a peaceful sunset

Even though the beach is shallow, the tides on the beach are pretty strong. No wonder that so many people surf here. They have some flags marking the safe line so make sure you see them. Sometimes you will see the beach guards watching people around. Not only that you can enjoy the sunset, but you can also get the best-tanned skin in the daylight at this beach.

Petitenget Beach
Sometimes the beach can get a little crowded

If you look at the picture, you see that the water is very shallow on the seashore. This is the perfect beach for children to play around because it is very safe. Bring some sand-toys for them to build sandcastles!


Petitenget beach is easily accessible by scooters you rent or by walking from the nearest hotel. It is in Petitenget Street, Kerobokan. Because the street is also a part of Kerobokan district, people usually call this beach Kerobokan beach. Unfortunately, Bali does not have modern public transportation yet, but they are planning it so we’ll get there. But If you want easy access through google map, you can click it right here.

This beach apparently aligns with other famous beaches like Kuta and Legian Beach. If you are planning to walk from Kuta Beach to Petitenget Beach, you will reach it in about 30 minutes. So if you keep walking towards the other side of the beach, you will end up on those beaches.

Overall, this beach is also in the heart of Seminyak where most people come to seek entertainment. There are plenty of activities you can do while visiting this beach. There are cultural sites, clubs, and lots of good foods!

The Sacred Temple

Petitenget beach was not as popular as it is now. Before so many tourists came to visit, this beach was a place for a religious ceremony. That is why Petitenget beach has a temple nearby. The majority of the locals are Hindu, even though not every one of them. From what I personally know, the locals still strongly dependent on their traditions and beliefs. So, don’t wonder why people still regularly visit the temple.

Petitenget Temple
Local people still visit the temple regularly for religious purpose

Petitenget itself came from the Balinese word of Peti and Tenget. Tenget means ‘Haunted’ and Peti according to the history of the temple, is related to the sacred journey of Dang Hyang Dwijendra. They said this temple was home for a giant creature named I Bhuta Ijo. The giant creature could cause a dangerous plague to the whole village if someone was brave enough to cross his territory. But that was only a myth, feel free to visit the temple when you come here!

The temple really offers something a whole lot different than the hearty and crowded Seminyak. While Seminyak is famous for its nightlife, this temple reflects the true culture of Balinese People. There are a lot of small statues carved by the handy carver which serve its own purposes. There are some pavilions where you can rest to enjoy the tropical trees and the breeze. For those of you who love carving, this is also a perfect place for you to look at the Balinese unique patterns on every door and pagoda.

If you come here on a regular day, you may find some Balinese people put this thing called Canang Sari around the temple. It is some kind of offerings to the god and goddesses consisted of fragranced fresh flowers, a small amount of food, sometimes coins, and burned incense. The people who put offering usually wear traditional kamen and senteng or sarong and a traditional scarf wrapped around their waist.

The temple will turn colorful and crowd at Merakih celebration which comes every 210 days in the Balinese calendar. The notable leader of the religion will come and pray in themple, along with hundreds of people using Balinese traditional costume. You can hear the prayers through the speakers. But you need to respect the people praying inside the temple by remain calm. Otherwise, you can get in serious trouble.


But that is just a myth. Now, international and domestic tourists come to visit. The ultimate reason is to enjoy the view of the sunset with spouses, family, and friends. But differents with other beaches in Bali such as Kuta for example, this beach is way more peaceful and calm. The beach is not crowded at all.

The locals really took this opportunity to develop a great tourism industry. People starting to build cafes, pubs, and restaurants alongside the beaches. Some of the restaurants had their chairs and tables facing the beach so we can eat while enjoying the sunset. The restaurants serve cold beers, Indonesian and even Western Cuisine. Here are some of the most famous and popular restaurants near the beach.

The first one is Biku restaurants and a tea lounge. Located in Petitenget Street making it very easy to access. Their architecture inspired by a traditional house of east java or called teak joglo. Biku is open from 8 AM-11 PM daily serving delish breakfast, healthy lunch, and various dinner. They are famous for an inside bookstore so you can read while enjoying a high-quality tea locally and imported. Biku also serves fantastic dessert-like pistachio cake or chocolate brownies. Mainly, their menus consist of Indonesian and other Asian cuisines.

Image result for Biku bali
Delish breakfast and high-quality tea served in Biku

The second one is TIIGO restaurants by Montigo Resort. TIIGO restaurant is famous for serving authentic Balinese and other Western cuisines. They also guarantee fresh ingredients used daily in their cookings. Bali is rich for tropical fruits, therefore they are proudly offering fresh juices as well. You can drink em juice while swimming in their huge pool. What makes TIIGO much better is that they provide an affordable All-you-can-eat breakfast buffet from 7 am-11 am.

Image result for TIIGO all you can eat breakfast
Beautiful Serving in TIIGO Restaurant

Beach Clubs

Okay, when you are in Petitenget Street of Bali, there are a lot of beach clubs you can visit. But if you are a backpacker, you need to prepare a higher budget. These beach clubs are just the best place to visit if you want to have a pool party with good foods and some cold beers.

The first and notably the most famous one is Potato Head Beach Club. They serve the best eatery with the most beautiful platting ever. There are plenty of daybeds you can lay on while drinking endless cold beers with your friends. Not wanting to drink beers in the middle of the day? Don’t worry they got your back! They have plenty of fresh juices from the local farmers! They even have not one, but two infinity pool with the most amazing view. Music is also a must, they play the best and the most trendy song every single day. On a special occasion, they will invite famous DJs and celebs.

Image result for potato head beach club
Eating in the infinity pools of Potato Head Beach Club

The second beach club is Mrs.Sippy. They also not much different from the Potato Head Beach club but still a must-try one. They are one of the most famous beach clubs in Bali. Their price range is all from $10-$20 a plate and even more expensive for drinks. They have events going on every once a month, especially on holidays. You have to pay Rp.100,0000 or around USD $8 for the entrance fee. They have the biggest saltwater pool in Bali and magnificent architecture. An absolute must-visit to ease the heat of Bali!

Related image
Mrs. Sippy is so much fun!

The last one is perfect for you who wants to experience a little bit of Mexican culture. Yup, Mexicola totally got your back! This restaurant has a very strong Mexican vibe if you take a look at their overall decorations. They have various Mexican cuisine from fresh tacos to chips with guacamole and salsa dipping. They got tequila for you to try. It is just a regular restaurant before 10 pm, but it turns into a night club afterward. For me, the price of the tacos is a little bit too expensive and the taste of it isn’t really my favorite, but the vibes and the music, they are absolutely the best.

Image result for Motel mexicola

Wander Around Petitenget Street

If you decided to book a hotel or inn nearby Petitenget, you absolutely chose it right. It is in the center of the tourism industry, making it very accessible to literally everywhere. Now skip your Gojek or Grab application and your scooters then walk around this beautiful street. I can’t even tell you just how many cafes, restaurants, or street vendors are out there. The minimarkets are also sporadic like crazy. In every corner, you will see small convenience stores saving you from hunger in the middle of the night. Glad that they are open for 24 hours.

When you walk around the street, don’t forget to catch the famous Gelato. Also, enjoy the window shopping while you are heading to a restaurant because there are just so many aesthetic boutiques around the street. Finally, walk for a few meters and you will yourself nice and cheap full body massage because Petitenget street got everything covered for you.

Indonesia has so many other hidden destinations like Waterfall in Lombok and Caves in Java. Check out my video while I was in Petitenget Beach right here!

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