Top 16 Live Music in Bali: A dinner out with your friends and family would not be complete without the sounds of live music. There are many places to have dinner however the vibes are just not the same. Don’t you worry, because we got a list of places which offer special live music performances every night and then! Ranged from slow acoustic, reggae, rock to local music, there are just so many to choose! some of the places on our list also include varieties of amazing delicacies. Overall, a combination of foods and live music is all that we are looking for!

Top 16 Live Music in Bali

1. Hardrock Cafe

Hardrock cafe is one of the top places you should visit to enjoy a dinner with live music. Over thousands of reviews in TripAdvisor, we decided to put it on our first list. They always invite some of the best singers to entertain the customers, such as Pug&Play and Many more. Hardrock Cafe also offers amazing varieties of Indonesian and Western delicacies, from steaks, burgers, sandwiches, salads, to Nasi goreng! They also have a Bartender to serve all kinds of drinks you wish.

2. Potato Head Beach Club

Top 16 Live Music in Bali

Potato Head Beach club offers everything you are looking for, from fancy sunbathing beds, nice cocktails, fancy dinner, and Live music! They even own their Amphitheater music venue! Potato head hosts some of the best music events in the town. They invite international and locals bands to play here. Furthermore, Potato head also owns a cool sleek gallery-like space with collections of Vinyl records and audiophiles set up. To check out more about this place, click here.

3. Casablanca

Top 16 Live Music in Bali

Casablanca claims to be one of the best options to dine, drink, and Dance. Located in the heart of Sanur, Casablanca has a place in everyone’s heart. The place offers special drinks every day of the week start from Rp. 35,000 only. Sometimes, they will have a free-flow challenge. Usually occur on Saturday and Friday for two hours only. However, if you pee, complain, or take out your phone, the free flow will stop. Sounds like fun? all of that with the live music they held differently every single day. The ambiance of it when it is fantastic. Overall, this is the place you’re looking for if you wanted to have fun at night.

4. The Lawn

Top 16 Live Music in Bali

Another live music spot with a great ambiance is The Lawn. Located by the beach of Echo Beach Canggu, The Lawn offers loud cheery music and an open floor for people to dance while enjoying their cocktails. Many people come to just dance and drink while enjoying a beautiful sunset. They also invite local bands with amazing skills to accompany the night. Lastly, there are nice bartenders and waitresses to serve you with everything you need.

5. Mrs Sippy Bali

Top 16 Live Music in Bali

If you are looking for a pool party with loud live music and a wide variety of cocktails, Mrs. Sippy is the answer. It has a special venue for music performances live in different events. The venue has hosted some of the best global tours by DJs and house music artists, like Duke Dumont, Set Mo, and Sneaky Sound System. This is the melting pot for all locals and international travelers to enjoy a hot day summer in the pool or tanning on the day beds. Mrs. Sippy is the place to endeavor your desire for hot girl summer! 

6. Zibiru Restaurant

Top 16 Live Music in Bali

Unlike their other rivals, Zibiru stands out as a different option. For you who wanted to have an intimate and romantic dinner accompanied by live acoustic and jazz music, Zibiru is the right choice. For example, Zibiru invited a Jazz Band named Antoine Trio to play their music for years in Bali, gravitating towards jazz and Latin beats but with a solid taste for funk and rock. They also offer a wide variety of Wine, catering to the needs of the wine lovers in Bali. Lastly, they also cook all of their Italian foods from the scratch, creating a perfect combination of lovely dining experiences. 

7. Nineteen lounge

Top 16 Live Music in Bali

If you are looking for intimate live music with a bar and lounge to hang out, Nineteen lounge Bali may be the perfect option for you. It offers a classic American bar experience, with bands singing off top charts, classic-all times hit, rock n’roll, and sometimes smooth jazz as well. It is called the Nineteen lounge because they believed you can feel nineteen again when you visit. Immerse yourself at the cozy and vibrant atmosphere while indulging in cocktails.

8. Bamboo Bar & Grill Restaurant

Bamboo Bar and Grill Kuta offer great varieties of local and western barbeque at an affordable price, accompanied by the different themes of live music every day. Sometimes they play classic hits from the ’80s, reminiscing the great old time. The live bands will also play local songs in Balinese and Indonesian! Moreover, this restaurant is also famous for holding watch together events sport such as the AFL, Premier League, NRL, etc. Located in the heart of Kuta, this place is easily accessible.

9. Apache Reggae Bar

Enjoying a night out to dance, drink, and Chill? Apache Reggae Bar offers you live music every night with an open floor to dance. There are plenty of people to dance with so you have nothing to worry about going alone. The loud music combines with cold beers and cocktails, everyone dancing while having some boozy drinks, combined with dimmed colorful lights. The vibes are immaculate. Located in Legian, apache is for the adults looking for fun!

10. The Orchard Bar

Probably one of the most dedicated places to host live music events in the Orchard Bar and Restaurant. Located in the heart of Seminyak, this place has a different type of theme every single week. You can even check out who’s coming 5 days a week sometimes daily on their Instagram! Inviting local and international bands, you can get to know new music every day while enjoying good foods and zome booze. Their happy hour starts at 5 PM to 7 PM daily! This particular restaurant also doing some kinds of charities. They just recently distributed 4,000 Kg of Essential Aid to the needy community in Bali.

11. Alila Seminyak Beach Bar

AIf you are looking for a chill afternoon with your friends by the beach and amazing pool com, come to Alila. It offers a variety of great packages such as a bucket full of cold Bintang for only Rp.130,000. Alila also offers live music during the weeken. Fantastic atmosphere great foods, and choices of music, Alila is a luxury experience you should try.

12. Vi Ai Pi

Vi Ai i is another option to enjoy a night out eating a traditional Italian pizza while enjoying a live music experience. The bands also receive songs request for those who are dining inside. From western hits songs to Indonesian hits, they play it all. The live music starts pretty early and ends right at midnight. Then the floor continues with some DJs who played fantastic music. Located in the heart of Kuta, Vi A Pi served you lunch, dinner and serves a variety of alcoholic beverages. The price ranged from Rp.71,000 to Rp.271,000.

13. L.O.L Bar & Restaurant

Moving to some of the choices located far from Kuta, which is in the heart of Ubud. L.O.L bar is one of the options if you are traveling to Ubud, but still opt for a night out with friends. There are local bands which play well-known songs so people can sit back and sing together. They usually play reggae and blue music to accompany you and your cold beer. Overall a perfect combination for those who want to enjoy a night party and chilling.

14. Laughing Buddha Bar

After the L.O.L Bar, Laughing Buddha Bar is a great option for a Live Music site in Ubud. This bar offers a cocktail lounge alongside a music venue for bands to play at night. They surely created playlists to get you in a happy mood, regular live gigs, and special events featuring talented musicians from around the world. Sometimes the bands play everything else from jazz, blues-rock, and freestyle. This place opens from 9 AM to 1 AM every day.

15. Bali Bohemia

Bali Bohemia is an amazing option to have a cozy dinner while enjoying live music, dance, and sometimes a free open mic to share your talents with the audience. Sometimes, they will invite local and even international bands to sing on the mini stage. The foods offered were inspired by the diversity of culture all around the world, making the experience even more wholesome

16. No Mas Bar

Last but not least is the No Mas Bar in Ubud. Claiming to be one of the best bars, it provides a collaboration of Rock, Salsa, and Hip Hop music to enjoy. Every single night, there are different Bands and Gigs which will tune some of the best music to entertain, such as the likes of Bowie, Depeche Mode, and Santana. It opens from 4.00 PM to 1.00 AM everyday.

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