In a country where people from all around the world come to reside, it should not be hard to find a unique corner accentuating a certain culture. Therefore, Little India should not be shocking to find in Singapore. Little India is one of the most vibrant cities in Singapore with colorful buildings reflecting the Indian culture. It is located on the east side of the Singapore River. You can reach Little India by MRT and underground bus.
Now, let’s move to the first place you have to visit. Indian culture is identical to their religious sites such as Hindus temples. Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple is the Singaporean’s oldest Hindu temple located in Serangoon Road. The front of the building is decorated with a lot of detailed statues of different sizes. Each size represents different things. The first one that was really enticing for me is the statue on the entrance. It is a statue of a goddess with a necklace of bloody human heads on top of what it seems to be her husband’s corpse. Even though she looks terrifying, but she actually represents the protection of decent people from the evilness. You can go inside the temple during the appropriate hour
The second place is The Temple of 1000 Lights in Race Course Rd. This time, the temple is kind of different from the previous one because it is a Buddhist temple that was built in 1927. It is one of the most visited Buddhist temples in Singapore as well. The reason behind its popularity is the statue of Buddha which is nearly 15 meters tall. The seated Buddha is surrounded by countless light bulbs creating a beautiful view during the evening. If you are planning to visit this place, plan it on Vesak Day because you would be able to donate money in exchange to lay gold leaf in a small version of the Buddha statue.
The third-place you have to visit is the Abdul Gafoor mosque constructed in 1907 in Dunlop St. It has a stunning architecture of both Saracenic and Neoclassical culture reflected in colored glass cupola reflecting Arabic and Renaissance era. The cupola is being held by pillars built with Roman architecture. The outside walls of the mosque are decorated with crescent moon and star patterns to symbolize the faith in Islam. They also open for all visitors with different backgrounds all over the world.
The last place in Little India that you just have to visit is the Mustafa Center. It is a 24-hour shopping Mall located in Syed Alwi St which also opens every single day. What makes it even more attractive is its discounted price with an unlimited range of products being sold in each vendor. It is very popular among the locals since it provides daily necessities such as groceries to home appliances. It is constructed of 4 floors upward and 2 floors downward (basement). Each floor offers different products such as clothing, toys, beauty care, fresh ingredients, until vendor selling different types of food you can try. If you go up to the street and ask where is the Mustafa Center, I will guarantee you that everyone will answer it correctly!

See our videos down below to get a deeper insight into Little India in Singapore.

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