​You may have never heard about one of this Beach in Lombok, because it is still hidden and unpopular compared to its rivarly, Senggigi beach. But of course it is totally worth the try. Tunak beach is located in Mertak Village which is in South of Lombok. It is approximately 22 km from the famous Kuta Beach in Lombok. You may take your scooter for an easier access because once the asphalt road is end, you have you ride through a pavement road. When you arrive, you will first see the welcoming gate of Tunak Mountain. After you pass the gate, you will see a building which belongs to the Natural Resources Conservation center. You will be able to attain important information regarding the National Park. The building consisted of meeting hall and a few guest house.


In order to get there, you may want to get some preparations such as bring your water and snack supply because Tunak Beach in Lombok is natural breathtaking beach which has only little locals and almost no tourists. Don’t forget to useshoes as you may hike a little while to get to the best spot. Because this place is currently being managed by the official forestry staff, they are going to charge you in order to get in. It may not be as expensive for the locals, but it is quite expensive for international visitors which is Rp 150.000 (around $13 per person). It is costly because the local goverment had the full access to the beach. 

Meanwhile the facilities in the Tunak Beach is not fully developed yet such as no food service available or some kinds of public restroom. But this place would be amazing if you are looking for a place out of the crowd because the place is very quite and has a strong blissful vibe since the place is not yet exploited by most of the visitors. Maybe that is the reason why the entrance fee is so expensive. The national park now had also built a Butterfly Education Centers which is now currently still underdeveloped. Even though they did look like an abandoned place, they made an effort to conserve the populations of butterfly species grown in the area of Tunak Beach. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to see a lot wonderful butterflies around the National Park. You might meet few of the species living in the park. It is very natural and untouched ecosystem that you can experience.

Other than that, Tunak beach really serves you an astonishing view you won’t be able to get anywhere else. The view of the crystal clear ocean surrounded by green hills are magnificent. In this spot, you can see that there are a lot of green tiny island in the middle of the ocean. You should absolutely prepare your Go-Pro or your Drone. You may also pack some dresses if you’re a girl because it will be a stunning background for your instagram updates.

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