9 Recommended Destinations in Alabama reopens in amid of COVID-19 closure. From Entertainment district, World War 2 museums, Natural Wonders, to a Japanese Garden, there are a lot of options to choose. It might be overwhelming, but here are our 9 recommendations:

1.The Wharf

The wharf of Alabama is a choice for a fun night outing with friends and family. This is the official district special for entertainment in Alabama. You can shop, dine, watch movies, ride the famous Ferries Wheel, or trying Ziplines. Lastly, One of our favorites is visiting the Laser Light Experience.

2. U.S. Space & Rocket Center

Another fun yet educational destination in Alabama is the U.S Space and Rocket Center. The museum displays the achievements, artifacts, and different kinds of U.S Space Programs. Additionally, they provide space camps to get in-depth knowledge. The museum opens from 10 AM to 5 PM. Admission fees ranged from $25 for adults. Click here for more information.

3. Moss Rock Preserve

Escape stressing working days to the serene and tranquil nature. Moss Rock Preserve has an abundant forest with streams of rivers. Not only famous for hiking lovers, but this place is also quite famous among rock climbers. There are huge boulders with different formations, make it challenging for the climbers.

4.Turkey Creek Nature Preserve

Next up is another wonderful destinations. Turkey Creek Nature is actually a site to protect endangered species while maintaining natural habitat. There are hiking and biking trails to try here.

5.Gulf State Park

Gulf State Park is a beach recreation area in Alabama. The beach stressed for 2.5 miles away. It also has three freshwater lakes, a nationally recognized scenic nature trail, a beach pavilion, a Gulf fishing pier, a picnic area, and also a campground. There is also a pine forest surrounding the park.

6.Montgomery Zoo & Mann Wildlife Learning Museum

9 Recommended Destinations in Alabama

Montgomery Zoo is another option to visit in Alabama. The park exhibits over 400 animal species from five different continents. There are also more interactive exhibitions such as Zoofari Skylift, Giraffe Encounter, Petting Zoo, and Parakeet Cove. Moreover, the admission fee ranged from $17 for adults and $13 for children.

7.USS Alabama: 9 Recommended Destinations in Alabama

9 Recommended Destinations in Alabama

Another unique destination in Alabama that you have to visit is the USS Alabama. Finished its World War 2 mission in 1947, the ship is now a museum. There is a lot of programming and events on special occasions. Some of them are having breakfast on the ship just like to war-era sailor. Admission fee ranged from $15 per adults and $6 for children.

8.Birmingham Botanical Gardens: 9 Recommended Destinations in Alabama

9 Recommended Destinations in Alabama

Another option to explore fast greenery is to visit Birmingham Botanical Garden. It consisted of a Japanese designed garden, waterfalls, and bonsai plants. There are also beautiful bridges and Koi ponds to enjoy. If you come at certain seasons, you’d be able to see blooming flowers. It displays over 12,000 different plants!

9.Oak Mountain State Park: 9 Recommended Destinations in Alabama

9 Recommended Destinations in Alabama

Last but not least, is to visit the largest park in Alabama, the Oak Mountain State Park. You can choose many outdoor activities, from hiking, swimming, camping, fishing, and even horseback riding. Overall there are many options to choose.

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