9 Iconic Destinations in Philadelphia finally opens. Ranged from a fun outing in Harbor park and Blue Riverrink, Hiking to find Bushkill’s falls, or visit the science center of Franklin Museum. Here are 9 of our top recommendations:

1. Liberty Bell

9 Iconic Destinations in Philadelphia

First, Liberty Bell in number one is the iconic symbol of U.S independence. This historical bell was the one that spread the news of American Independence. The iconic bell has also been used to alert people for important meetings back before phone was discovered. Lastly, you can visit this piece of history from 9 AM to 5 PM daily.

2.Blue Cross RiverRink

9 Iconic Destinations in Philadelphia

The one and only outdoor ice-skating rink in Philadelphia! Blue Cross Riverrink also has a warm cabin and lodging with blankets and pillows for those who wish to warm up and enjoy a cup of chocolate in the winter season. There are foods and beverages available as well. Moreover, to enter you need to pay $4 and to enter the ice skate you will have to pay around $10.

3.The Franklin Institute

9 Iconic Destinations in Philadelphia

Second, Franklin Institute is the center of science education and the museum of Philadelphia. Inspired by Benjamin Franklin, many scientists have discovered amazing innovations here. The museum motivated people of all ages to never stop learning and always be curious. Moreover, there is also an interactive section for kids. The admission fee ranged from $35 for adults and $31 for children. Click here to book your visit.

4.Reading Terminal Market: 9 Iconic Destinations in Philadelphia

9 Iconic Destinations in Philadelphia

The oldest and largest market in America is the Reading Terminal Market. It was first to open in 1893. This is the perfect place for a culinary tour. Especially since there are many different kinds of foods available. From middle eastern, Indian, Chinese, to the authentic Philadelphian cuisine are available here.

5.Point State Park: 9 Iconic Destinations in Philadelphia

An option for a chill stroll in the afternoon is to visit Point State Park. The park has a scenic riverside complimented with a huge water fountain. Additionally, this public park usually held interesting community events such as Venture outdoor festival and the Three Rivers Regatta.

6.Bushkill Falls: 9 Iconic Destinations in Philadelphia

People usually call this place as the Niagra of Philadelphia.However, it is a lot smaller. Located in the deep forest of the Pocono Mountains, Bushkill Falls is definitely worth the trip. Moreover, The hike will consist of easy hike trails and several bridges. The admission fee ranged from $15 for adults and $9 for children.

7.Please Touch Museum

The children’s dream of a museum is Please Touch Museum! Aimed to educate children of 3 to 12 years old, this museum includes the most interactive and interesting exhibitions. From Alice in Wonderland, Space station, please taste cafe, and etc. Moreover, The admission fee ranged from $19.

8.Spruce Street Harbor Park

Another fun option to chill on the weekends is to visit the Spruce Street Harbor Park. Moreover, chill with your family, spouse, or friends by the colorful hammocks hanging by the trees while watching the stars. lastly, you can also just enjoy snacks and soft drinks in some cafes surrounding the park.

9.Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium

Last but not least, is to visit the combination of zoo and huge aquarium in Pittsburgh. Featuring over 4,000 animal exhibitions, the zoo is divided into 8 major exhibitions. From Kid’s kingdom, PPG Aquarium, Forest Passage Tropical forest, Bears, African Savanna, Water’s edge, The islands, and Jungle odyssey. Overall, all of them have different kinds of animals. The admission fee ranged from $15.

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