9 Must-visit in Louisiana includes some of the tourists and locals’ favorite. From the vibrant public parks, vintage shopping center, historical sites, to Casino. While traveling around is allowed Don’t forget to wear masks and sanitize your hand. Here are our 9 Recommendations in Louisiana:

1. Jackson Square

This beautifully groomed park is famous for its dark history. In the 18th century when the French colonized the U.S, there were public executions held in this park. A famous incident where 3 slaves were hanged happened here. Now, the park is famous for the Jackson statue in the center of the park.

2. Shops of the Colonnade – French Market

You can’t miss this place while you are in Louisiana. The shops of the colonnade is thick with French culture. It is a shopping center with a complete range of goods. From modern art, craft and artisan art shops, Home goods and gifts, Apparel and accessories, Confections, to bakery. Click here for more information.

3. St. Louis Cathedral

One of the oldest cathedral dated in the U.S is this St. Loui Cathedral. Located in New Orleans, the cathedral was built in honor of King Louis IX of the French. To this day, the cathedral is still active and serves the community. There is no admission fee to enter, and the cathedral is open daily.

4. City Park: 9 Must-visit in Louisiana

The enchanted city park of New Orleans is the perfect option to visit. Worth for a day just to chill, stroll, and enjoy the nature of New Orleans. The serene park has a big lake and a beautiful forest. There are sports areas to try, from tennis to golf.

5. Louis Armstrong Park: 9 Must-visit in Louisiana

9 Must-visit in Louisiana

This park serves as an honor to the jazz legends of New Orleans. It is indeed rich in natural charm and history. Back then, the park was named Congo Square. Many of American slaves came to this park to socialize, dance, and enjoy the music in the park. The park is open from 9 AM to 6 PM daily.

6. Lafreniere Park: 9 Must-visit in Louisiana

9 Must-visit in Louisiana

Arguably the largest park in Metairie, Lafreniere park is a tranquil public park. It was once an undeveloped area, but now the park has sports areas, open green spaces, multiple-use lawns, beautiful fountains, and family picnic areas. This is a perfect option for a day outing just to chill in the afternoon.

7. Audubon Aquarium of the Americas

9 Must-visit in Louisiana

Next is the Audubon Aquarium of America. The aquarium the marine life exhibitions inside a huge tank, completed with shark, coral reefs, and many others. There are a few different exhibitions, from the Caribbean reef, Mississippi river, and gulf of Mexico. You can have the full experience by the walk-in tunnel of the aquarium. General admission if $17 for adults.

8. Harrah’s Casino New Orleans

9 Must-visit in Louisiana

The ultimate casino destination in Louisiana is the Harrah’s Casino New Orleans. Opens 24 hours a day, the Harra casino has over 2,000 slot machines and over 90 tables for poker games. Not only that, but Harrah’s Casino also offers Free parking and free-flow drinks! They also offer buffet-style dining to enjoy.

9. Mardi Gras World: 9 Must-visit in Louisiana

9 Must-visit in Louisiana

Fyi, Louisiana still celebrated Mardi Gras day. It is a day to celebrate the last night of feast eating before the long fasting season. Mardi Gras Museum offers collections of the floats used in the Carnivals. Made by the most talented artists, you can come to visit the Mardi Gras museum if you can’t attend the D day.

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