9 Iconic Destinations in Texas

9 Iconic Destinations in Texas reopens for admission. Texas as The second-largest state in the U.S has a magnificent landscape view. There are plenty of beautiful nature destinations to explore. However, Texas also has other Iconic Destinations.

1. Guadalupe Mountains National Park

9 Iconic Destinations in Texas

Number one of the most iconic place in Texas is Guadalupe Mountains National Park. It is famous for the scenic view and natural beauty you can enjoy from several hiking trails. Guadalupe National Park has the highest point in Texas, which is called the Guadalupe peak. Click here for more information.

2. San Antonio River Walk

9 Iconic Destinations in Texas

Another must-visit in Texas is San Antonio River Walk. This is the perfect place to chill and grab a couple of drinks. The riverwalk has a very homey feeling, makes it very comfortable to spend a few hours just to talk with your family or friends. There are also countless public events available on several occasions.

3. The Alamo

9 Iconic Destinations in Texas

A piece of Texas history can be seen here in the Alamo or the Shrine of Texas Liberty. The chapel told a story of how the Spanish colony reeducated the native Indians to become Christian. But years later the building was abandoned and used as a fortress housing. The alamo is open from 9 AM to 5.30 PM.

4. Space Center Houston: 9 Iconic Destinations in Texas

9 Iconic Destinations in Texas

The next iconic place in Texas is the Space Center Houston. The museum displays more than 400 space artifacts. There is also a theater displaying the history of space missions throughout the years. Every visitor can apply for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics programs available for all ages. The ticket ranged from $25 for children and $29 for adults.

5. Historic Market Square

9 Iconic Destinations in Texas

The biggest Mexican Market in the U.S is this Historic Market Square. Located in Downtown San Antonio, there are different kinds of Meals, Snacks, and other fresh ingredients. The market also becomes the center of celebrating Mexican Special Days such as Cinqo de Mayo. They are open from 10 AM – 6 PM.

6. Fort Worth Stockyards

Another iconic place with a thick western experience is the Forth Worth Stockyards. Try to come between 11.30 AM to 4 PM because you would be able to see the cattle drive. In 1917, Forth Worth was the largest horse and mule market in the world. The ticket costs $12 for adults.

7. Six Flags Fiesta Texas: 9 Iconic Destinations in Texas

An amusement park full of rides, Six Flags Fiesta, or known Fiesta Texas is one to go for a day outing. With hundreds of thrilling rides, live entertainment, to replica of cultural villages, Fiesta Texas got em all.

8. Kemah Boardwalk

Kemah boardwalk is a fun theme park by the bay with rides, themed restaurants, and shopping options. There is a 65 feet Ferris Wheel you can ride to enjoy the whole view of Texas. Or to get full experience enjoying the deck view, you can try the boardwalk tower. There is no admission fee to enter, but you will have to pay every time you are going to try the rides.

9. The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden: 9 Iconic Destinations in Texas

The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden is a choice to spend a day outing and chilling. You can also come to enjoy public concerts, festivals, seasonal flowers, and outdoor art exhibitions. Sometimes there are even outdoor dining featuring Dallas View.

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