9 Natural Wonders in Montana are perfect Destinations to escape a day of self-quarantine. Ranged from Parks, Beautiful Trails, and hidden lakes. A lot of outside activities such as hiking, biking, or a road trip to release your stress. Staying at home might get a little overwhelming, but spacious and these places in Montana can solve this problem

1. Woodland Park

An escape from a stressful day is to come to Woodland Park. The park is calming and serene along with colorful flowers and fresh greenery. You can come here to have a picnic with your family, cycle all around, or bring crumbs or the ducks. There is also a skatepark accessible for everyone.

2. Lone Pine State Park

One of the best-hiking sites in Montana is in the Lone Pine State Park. You can also bring your pet here so you can walk together enjoying nature. Another option to spend a day in Lone Pine State Park is to horseback rides. Lastly, it is open from 8 AM to 8 PM.

3. Glacier Natural Park

Glacier National Park is a perfect option to explore serene forests, alpine meadows, and a scenic lake. There are few activities you can enjoy here, such as Horseback rides, ziplines, minigolf or just enjoy the hike. The admission costs around $35 for a seven-day visit.

4. Saint Mary Lake: 9 Natural Wonders in Montana

9 Natural Wonders in Montana

Visiting the Glacier National Pak, you can’t miss visiting the Saint Mary Lake. The hidden lake is located in the east side of the park,it is a pretty long hike down there, but absolutely worth the scene. You can do landscape photography here. But important to remember that the lake can be very cold.

5. Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center

9 Natural Wonders in Montana

This educational facility in Montana would give you a chance to see grizzly bears closely. There are around 800 Grizzly bears in Montana and the park specifically helps Grizzly Bears who are unable to survive on its own. The center opens every day and costs $15 for adults.

6. Museum of the Rockies

An interesting museum that can light up children’s imagination? totally visit the Museum of the rocky. This museum has the largest collection of dinosaur fossils in the U.S. The fossil aged approximately 500 million years ago. There are also Indian and cowboys exhibitions who lived a thousand years ago. The admission fee costs around $15 for adults and $10 for children. Click here for more information.

7. Whitefish Lake State Park: 9 Natural Wonders in Montana

9 Natural Wonders in Montana

This state park allows you to have fun outdoor activities with your family. Fishing, camping, swimming, kayaking, and even paddlefish sport. You can also rent a boat trip around the lake to enjoy the pristine lake with a mountain background.

8. Trail of the Cedars Nature Trail

Looking for a beautiful yet easy hiking trails in Montana, come to the Trail of the Cedars. As the name stated, the trails are full of Cedar trees around 80 ft Tall. While hiking, you can enjoy the clear water streams from the river. Because it is so easy, it is also a children-friendly hike.

9. Hidden Lake Overlook: 9 Natural Wonders in Montana

Last but not least is a hidden Gem in Glacier National Park, which is the Hidden Lake Overlook. The lake is accompanied by a beautiful mountain background, creating a surreal and breathtaking view. You can also find mountain goats here if you are lucky. Overall, a perfect getaway destination.

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