9 Outing Sites in Idaho

9 Outing sites in Idaho opens for visitors. After months of Closure, the locals can now enjoy an outing day with limited family members and friends. Working from home and online school might be too overwhelming. But here are 9 Outing sites you can visit to escape from stress.

1. North Beach State Park

The number one destination to visit in Idaho is the North Beach Lake State Park. Other than the scenic mountain in the background of the lake, the water itself is a clear turqoise color. It is very tempting not to swim. You can also ride your boat here or enjoy the water skii!

2. C’oeur D’alene City Park

This city park has everything you are looking for! from picnic tables with grills, volleyball, and basketball courts, Children playground and even a swimming area. Few times a week, the park even held public fun activities such as movie nights and community concerts. Check here for more information.

3. Idaho falls River Walk

Another fun outing place in Idaho you can visit is the Idaho Falls River Park. This park offers a serene and tranquil hiking trail to enjoy in a chill afternoon. While walking, you can enjoy the scenic view of the river and sunset at the same time. A perfect place for a romantic date.

4. Shoshone Falls Park

9 Outing Sites in Idaho

Shoshone Falls Park has a nickname of the Niagara of the west. It is 212 feet high, which means it is higher than the actual Niagara Fall. Not only that the park has an amazing waterfall view, the scenery along the hiking trail is also beautiful. The park is open from 8 AM to 10 PM.

5. Camel’s Back Park

9 Outing Sites in Idaho

Another outing alternative in Idaho is the Camelback Park in Boise. This Urban Park is a perfect place to hike because you can see the view of the city while walking. There are also picnic sites available. What makes it a little bit unique is that they have free Gym available for everyone.

6. Iron Creek Trailhead

9 Outing Sites in Idaho

Want to escape the hustle-bustle of Work from home? The iron creek is the perfect place to go. This hiking trail is often quiet yet serene and Calming. This hiking trail will lead you to Sawtooth mountain and the stunning lake view. Over there, you can fish an bring them back home.

7. Old Idaho Penitentiary Site

This 100 years old penitentiary site is the absolute must-visit while you’re in Idaho. Here, you can witness fully the solitary confinement and the cell blocks in the 1870’s. There are items dated from bak then, which is pretty cool. It is open daily from 12 PM – 5 PM.

8. Lucky Peak State Park: 9 Outing Sites in Idaho

9 Outing Sites in Idaho

The next family-friendly outing site in Idaho is the Lucky Peak State Park. There a lot of things you can do with your friends and family here, from Fishing, cycling, picnicking, and boating! All in one place. The view is also incredible because of Peak Lake.

9. Kathryn Albertson Park: 9 Outing Sites in Idaho

9 Outing Sites in Idaho

The last but not least fun and a beautiful park to visit in Idaho is Kathryn Albertson Park. This is a more chill and beautiful park with calming ponds, water fountains, and gazebos. It is open from 6 AM – 8 PM. perfect for a walk in the morning while enjoying the fresh air outside.

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