9 Picturesque Destinations in Minnesota finally reopen. Ranged from Beautiful state parks, Natural wonders, and art institute. Minnesota has a lot to discover! Here are our 9 recommendations:

1. Como Park and Zoo

 9 Picturesque Destinations in Minnesota

Ranked number 1 on our list, Como park and zoo is the perfect destination in Minnesota. The zoo has all the exotic animals. From Gorillas, giraffes, polar bears, even Orangutan. Moreover, The garden is also worth visiting. It has flower areas, a tropical section, an orchid garden, and a bonsai garden. Lastly, this place is free to visit!

2. Mall of America

 9 Picturesque Destinations in Minnesota

Next up, is the biggest shopping center in The U.S. With more than 500 shops, you just can’t miss this one. Inside the mall, there is Nickelodeon Universe which is an entertainment area. There is also the SEA LIFE Aquarium and a lego store. Furthermore, you can also enjoy a window shopping day. Click here for more information.

3. Cathedral of Saint Paul

 9 Picturesque Destinations in Minnesota

Located up in the hill, the Cathedral of Saint Paul stands tall and strong. The exterior displays an English Baroque architectural style. While the interior displays sophisticated gold ornament. Moreover, there is no admission fee to enter. However, you can donate $2 for the cathedral. It is open from 7 AM to 6 PM.

4. Glensheen: 9 Picturesque Destinations in Minnesota

 9 Picturesque Destinations in Minnesota

Next up, is a destination with a bloody past. This beautiful Congdon estate has a victorian architecture and a lush groomed garden. However, there was a murder that occurred in one of the rooms. One of the owners and a nurse was found dead in 1977 It is one of the most popular cases in Minnesota. Moreover, you will have to pay an $18 admission fee.

5. Jay Cooke Start Park: 9 Picturesque Destinations in Minnesota

Next up is to visit a calming and serene Jay Cooke state park. This one offers quite easy hiking trails. However, with a magnificent view. Especially in fall. The main spot is the bridge with a river underneath. It also offers picturesque mountain views. Stroll around with your pet here!

6. Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Another perfect option to freshen up a bit is the Minneapolis sculpture garden. Just like the name, the garden has about 40 artworks around. It will take you an hour just to look at every sculpture there. Moreover, the most famous artwork is the spoonbridge and cherry. It is a sculpture located on the lake. Overall, this park is free to visit and open 24 hours for public.

7. Minneapolis Institute of Art

Minneapolis Institute of Art is a place that stores some of the best artwork from all around the world. It displays over 90,000. The oldest art in this site dated 5,000 years old. Art exhibitions here have different sections. From Asian, African, contemporary, decorative, and drawings. Overall this site is also free to enter!

8. Minnehaha Falls:9 Picturesque Destinations in Minnesota

Wanting to explore nature and to see a waterfall? Minnesota has one place. Minnehaha falls is a 53 feet falls located in Minneapolis. A lot of people visit this place to enjoy outdoor activities. Such as biking, hiking, camping, and having a picnic. There is also a golf course here.

9. Mississippi National River and Recreation Area

Last but not least, is to visit the Mississipi National River. As you know the Mississipi National River is one f the great rivers of the world. You just can’t miss this one! There is also a hiking trail while enjoying the view of this river.

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