9 Famous Destinations in Washington

9 Famous Destinations in Washington finally opens. Washington state is famous for its major tourist destinations, especially in the heart of Seattle. But, Washington state is much more than just Seattle, especially with its natural wonders. Here are 9 destinations to visit in Washington State.

1. Sky View Observatory

Sky View Observatory is an absolute visit once you visit Seattle. Located in the 73rd Floor which is around 1,000 ft tall, you can see the scenic panorama of Seattle. If you come in the daytime, you’d be able to see the clear sky and the Shoreline. But if you come at night, you’d be able to see the city lights. The sky view observatory is open from 12 PM to 5 PM. The general admission for the tower is $10.

2. Space Needle

The icon of Seattle is the space needle. Located in the heart of Seattle Center, the Space Needle is the first one and only rotating glass floor. It becomes a symbol of the innovative and fast-paced Seattle. The admission fee ranged from $24.50 to $37.50. The Space Needle is open from 11 AM to 8 PM.

3. Woodland Park Zoo

Woodland Park Zoo is an option for a day spent with your family in Seattle. There are few different exhibitions from Asia, African Savanna, Australia, Tropical rainforest, and Penguin enclosure. A children’s playground is also available. The zoo opens from 9.30 AM to 4 PM, while the admission fee ranged from $30 for adults. Click here for more informations.

4. Pike Place Market Foundation

Another must-visit, while you’re in Seattle, is to visit the Pike Place Market Foundation. Established in 1982, the market was famous for Fishmongers throwing Fresh fish before wrapped. The uniqueness can still be enjoyed until today. Now, it becomes a place for the community to help local businesses. The market is open from 9 AM to 5 PM.

5. Mount Rainier

Escaping the fast-paced lifestyle in Seattle, Mount Rainier is a good option. . There are different kinds of activities to enjoy there depending on the season. If you come in spring or summer, you can go mushroom picking, horseback riding, or just hiking. But if you come in winter, you’d be able to ski and snowboarding.

6. Olympic National Forest

9 Famous Destinations in Washington

Olympic Natural Forest is another option to try if you want to go outing and explore the nature of Washington state. This Park has four different areas, the Pacific coastline, alpine areas, rain forests, and drier area on the other side. The coastline area has sandy beaches along the forest. While the alpine areas topped with ancient glaciers. The park is open 24 hours.

7.Leavenworth: 9 Famous Destinations in Washington

9 Famous Destinations in Washington

Leavenworth is a unique Bavarian-themed village in the Cascade Mountains. Most of the buildings in the village has inspired by alpine-style. One of the must-visit in the village is the Nutcrackers Museum which stored more than 5,000 ancient nutcracker. There are several restaurants that served German beer.

8. Whatcom Falls Park: 9 Famous Destinations in Washington

9 Famous Destinations in Washington

Come to Whatcom Falls to enjoy a waterfall in Washington. Located in Bellingham, the hiking trail towards the waterfall is as easy as a 15-minute walk. If you come in spring, most of the trees are ordinary green, but in fall it is extremely beautiful with orange colors. Enjoy the serene and calming hike in Whatcom Falls.

9. Seattle Japanese Garden: 9 Famous Destinations in Washington

9 Famous Destinations in Washington

Last but not least, is an option to enjoy a beautiful day of outing in the Seattle Japanese Garden. This beautifully groomed park is perfect for a peaceful stroll, and a clear pond with colorful koi fishes and turtles. You can visit this perfection for only $8 from 10 AM to 6 PM daily.

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