9 Safe Destinations in Maine

9 Safe Destinations in Maine finally reopens for the ‘New Normal’. Currently, the government put travel restrictions to visitors such as mandatory quarantine for 14 days. However, visitors from certain states like New Jersey and New York can freely travel. In a beautiful state like Maine, there are plenty of famous tourist destinations worth visiting. From beautiful beaches, amazing hiking trails and gardens, to amusement parks and art museums. Most tourists who come to visit Maine often enjoy outdoor camping. Unfortunately, camping overnight with or without a large group is not permitted at the moment. So here are 9 alternatives you can visit safely:

1. Acadia National Park

The must-visit in Maine is obviously Acadia National Park. This huge wilderness has different landscapes such as rocky terrains, forests, and even glaciers. Not only a famous destination, but Acadia National Park is also a home for species of bears, moose, and birds. There are different levels of hiking trails, from the easiest to the hardest. Not forget to mention that there is a bike trail you can try. Unfortunately, with such a breathtaking view, you can’t camp here overnight. In order to enter, you must pay around $25 admission fee per vehicle and $12 for bicycle. Due to Covid-19 concerns, this place only opens from 8.30 AM – 4.30 PM. Click here for more information.

9 Safe Destinations in Maine

2. Portland Head Lighthouse

Another place worth visiting is Portland Head Lighthouse. This iconic Lighthouse is famous because it was constructed in 1787. So you can say that this is a piece of history. Standing high and strong, this lighthouse is the oldest in Maine. Another fun fact, Portland Head Lighthouse is the most photographed lighthouse in U.S. Even though you can’t enter the lighthouse, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of sunset here. In order to reach the site which is situated in an island, you would have to take a boat.

3. Azalea Garden

Azalea garden is a perfect nearby gateway from hustle bustle of Maine. This stunning garden somehow does resemble a Japanese Zen Garden. However, Charles Kenneth built this garden in 1956. Once you walked in, you will see beautifully shaped bushes, lots of trees, with a touch of colorful flowers. The garden is also surrounded by a crystal clear pond. However, the garden now only admits 25 visitors at a time. The parking lot is also very limited now. So if you want to save your visit, make sure to come as early as possible. It is open from 10 AM – 4 PM.

4. Franconia Notch State Park

9 Safe Destinations in Maine

Another must-visit other than Acadia is Franconia Notch State Park. What makes Franconia worth the adventure is the famous Flume Gorge. The breathtaking natural gorge extends to 90 ft. The gorge was found first by the adventurous 93 years old visitor in 1808. Other than, there is Lonesome lake which has a serene campsite for visitors. If you are planning to visit in Winter, Franconia has the perfect ski site as well. After all, you can always just take an easy hike around the woods and enjoy a peaceful vibe. The park is open from 10 AM – 6 PM.

5. Downtown Portland

9 Safe Destinations in Maine

While you are visiting Portland, it is just so interesting to visit downtown. Here, you can enjoy local cuisines from food trucks to fine dining. There is also plenty of indie local stores to famous branded stores. Don’t forget to have some ice cream cookies from nearby cafes while strolling around. Then, stop at the Salmon Street Spring where you can see an outdoor water fountain. Lastly, make a visit to the Japanese American Historical Plaza where you can see blooming cherry blossoms. Keep practicing social distancing and wear a mask.

6. Old Orchard Beach Pier

9 Safe Destinations in Maine

Once you visit Maine, you just have to visit Old Orchard Beach Pier. This is one of a few authentic piers with a vintage carousel and food fairs. In the daylight, you can visit the beach to sunbathe or just to stroll around. But in the night time, the pier turned into a vibrant and cozy place to visit. There are many seafood restaurants or small cafes. with magnificent ocean views. While there are no longer restrictions on the pier, you still have to practice social distancing and wear masks.

7. Monument Square

Don’t forget to come to Portland Monument Square if you are visiting Portland. There is a Portland’s Soldiers and Sailors Monument which was built in 1826 to honors those who fought in the American Civil War. Not far from the monument, there is a Portland City’s Hall which was built in 1825. Just take an afternoon walk while enjoying the picturesque landscape of Portland city. On some special occasions, there are public events held in this place. Unfortunately, interesting public events will not be held in the middle of the Covid19 pandemic.

8. Agamont Park: 9 Safe Destinations in Maine

Another site to just relax or have an afternoon picnic with an ocean view is Agamont Park. Here, you can see many small boats float and sometimes yachts and cruises. You can also see seagulls flying over the ocean. With a view sunset, this is the perfect place for a lovely date or taking your pet for a walk. Overall, this park also has free public wifi. Avoid peak hours where most people come to visit. Remember to always stay 6ft from each visitor and wear protective masks.

9. Portland Museum of Art: 9 Safe Destinations in Maine

9 Safe Destinations in Maine

The last place you can put on your visit list is Portland Museum of Art. This museum is the oldest and the largest Art Institution in Maine. The museum has over 22,000 art collections, even arts from the 18th century. They also store the biggest European art collection in Maine. The best thing is, the museum is open for free every Friday! On the other days, the admission fee is $20 for adults and $17 for senior citizens. The museum is open from 12 PM – 8 PM. To get your tickets, click here. Don’t forget to wash your hands, wear masks and practice social distancing while you are inside the Museum.

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  1. Not sure who made this list but: #4 is in New Hampshire, and #5 is Portland OR not Portland ME. Also could we please stop encouraging people to travel from other states into ME right now. Especially since it helped to contribute to a Covid outbreak in Portland and because of a wedding reception there is now a large outbreak where I live in York County. Find beauty in your own state this year, Maine will be here to visit another year when the pandemic is over. Before tourist season we were on track to get down to 0 cases, then when tourist season hit Southern ME became a Covid hotspot. Let Mainers enjoy Maine this year and you all enjoy your own states please.

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