9 Stunning Places in Alaska are available to visit to escape fast-paced city life. Alaska has a vast wilderness and stunning natural wonders. Visiting Alaska might be a little overwhelming since there are too many beautiful places, but here are our top 9:

1. Chugach State Park

 9 Stunning Places in Alaska

One of the biggest state parks in the U.S is Chugach Park in Alaska. This beautiful park includes Arctic Valley, Eagle Nature Center, Eluktna Lake, Flattop Mountain, and a creek trail. There are plenty of Outdoor activities you can choose from rafting, hiking, kayaking, biking, ATVing, even fishing. The breathtaking scenery made this place a must-go number one.

2. Alaska Zoo: 9 Stunning Places in Alaska

 9 Stunning Places in Alaska

This zoo is kind of different from any other zoo you’d ever visit. Hidden in the middle of a thick forest, you’d be able to meet Alaskan wildlife here. From moose, caribou, sheep, wolves, musk oxen, mountain goats, and several different types of bears, including polar, grizzly, and black bears. The zoo is open from 10 AM to 5 pm. The admission fee ranged from $15 for adults. Click here for more information.

3. Denali National Park and Preserve

 9 Stunning Places in Alaska

A national park that’s larger than the state of New Jersey? Denali National Park is. Hiding a vast wilderness that rarely been touched by humans, Denali becomes a mysterious site to visit. The national park is also a home for Alaskan animals such as moose, grizzly bears, wolves, and Dall sheep. Click here for more information.

4. Pioneer Park: 9 Stunning Places in Alaska

 9 Stunning Places in Alaska

Now we’ere going back 100 years ago. Pioneer Park is a historical theme park featuring Villages and museums. You can also enjoy the famous vintage carousel of Pioneer Park with your friends. There are plenty of unique local shops and restaurants to enjoy.

5. Tongass National Forest

 9 Stunning Places in Alaska

One of the largest forests in the country, there are so many to explore. You can choose to hike around or take a sled-dog ride in the winter. The forest gives a luxury yet serene vibes that no other place can give. People usually stay in a remote cabin away from the crowd while fishing in a river full of salmon.

6. Tracy Arm: 9 Stunning Places in Alaska

 9 Stunning Places in Alaska

Located by the border of Canada, Tracy Arm is a fjord with a beautiful elevated glacier scene. If you choose to visit this breathtaking Tracy Arm, you’d be able to go through the walls of the glacier. Quite dangerous of course, but very thrilling experience.

7. Kenai Fjords National Park

 9 Stunning Places in Alaska

Another beautiful National Park in Alaska is Kenai Fjords National Park. It was created to preserve the wilderness of Kenai’s Rainforest, ancient glaciers, and also their archeological remains. The National park is a home for whales, arctic birds, sea lions. The last thing to do here is to have the famous dinner stops on Fox Island.

8. Brooks Falls: 9 Stunning Places in Alaska

Once you visit Alaska, you won’t miss the experience of watching the Salmon leaps from the waterfall. You can also witness the bears catch the salmon in the waterfall. There are over 2,000 bears around the waterfall. Not only the bears can fish aroud, you can do it as well.

9. Sitka National Historical Park

The oldest national park in Alaska is this Sitka National Historical Park. When first built 1910, the aim to commemorate the war between the native Tlingits and the Russian. The national park also shows a traditional house of the native, as well as some art displays. You can also visit the cultural center to earn more.

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