Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak Hongkong has been known widely as the city of the dream because everyone from around the world goes there and hope to find a better future. It counts as one of the most crowded and the most expensive places to live in the world. Hongkong is very famous for its mega high skyscrapers in the world. Due to its density, the land is so populous that all of the residents have to live upright. You may wonder sometimes which of these sky scrappers is the tallest? Hongkong is also one of the best places with a lot of tourist attraction and it is heaven for a shopping spree. It is home for the most extravagant designer and brands.

But there is one thing that you can not miss once you step your foot in Hongkong, that is, the Victoria Peak. <h1> Victoria <h1> Peak or The peak as it is called by the locals is the highest place in Hongkong. It is located in Mountain Austin. Victoria Peak now is among the most favorite spot offering stunning panoramic views of Hong Kong as a whole. It has successfully attracted millions of tourists annually.

If you are a foreign tourist, there are few ways to reach Victoria Peak. The most famous way though is to take the Peak Tram. The starting point of the Tram is located in Garden Road Stop as the lower terminus of the peak tram line. To get to the Garden Road you can take the MRT first and walk. It opens from 7 am to 12 pm. But it will take you ages to go through the queue which in the busy times can take up to 2 hours and more. The other option is to take Bus 15 from the central terminus. But if you would like to have easier and fast access, take the taxi. But of course, you will need to pay more.

Arriving in Victoria Park, You will see a very unique architecture by a British Architect named Terry Farell. The tower itself is a wok-shaped roof.  The Peak Tower also has a large viewing platform called Sky Terrace 428 because it is standing 428 meters above the sea level. The most special part is that the Hongkong scenery is astonishing in both daylight and night time if you see it from Victoria Park. If you come at night, you will find Hongkong with all the beautiful city lights, perfect for landscape pictures. You will also see coined binoculars that you can use to explore the view around Hongkong

Other than its beautiful scenery, Victoria Peak is also a perfect location for you to have lunch and dinner. It is home to some of the best fine dining places in Hongkong for your romantic dinner date and some fast-food restaurants for a cheaper option. They have some cheap souvenir stalls around as well. Overall, it is surely one of the places you may never want to miss from a Hongkong trip.


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