The front of the Temple

Right now, The title of the biggest Buddhist temple in Phuket belongs to Wat Chalong Temple. Wt Chalong is also one of the most important temples among the other 29 Buddhist temples in Phuket. Moreover, Wat Chalong has an actual name which is Wat Chaiyathararam. The name Chalong came from the name of the district. People said that any trip to Phuket will not be complete without visiting this majestic temple.


The Wat Chalong Temple administratively located in Chalong Sub-District. The temple itself is at the Chaofa Road. Once you meet the signs of Chaofah Roads, you will need to pass in front of Central Festival then drive about 5 km more. Unfortunately, there is no public transportation heading to the temple. Alternatively, booking a travel agent might be the easiest way. However, rent motorbikes and cars if you are backpacking. For fast access through google maps, click here.

The Beauty of Wat Chalong Temple

The front of Chalong Wat Temple

Wat Chalong temple is way more than just the temple. The interior decorations also amazed me. There are various golden Buddha statues in different positions with fresh flowers. Even the pillars inside the temples have complex patterns and beautiful colors. From the outside, you can see the perfect combination of the golden embellishment and red paints dominate the temple. The architecture is incredibly unique with the touch of authentic Northeast of Thailand.

There is also a three-levels-tower with exquisite carving in front of the temple. It represents various activities of Buddha. While the top of the tower stores the bone relic of Buddha. The walls of the tower have sophisticated mural portraying the teaching of Buddha. This is where people usually pray and immerse themselves with the teachings of Buddha.

The Wat Chalong Temple has a pleasing garden full of trees and carved bushes. The fragranced of burning incense also make this place very peaceful. You will definitely love this place.

Wat Chalong Temple as Education, Spiritual, and Tourism Centre

Golden statues of Buddha inside the Wat Chalong Temple
Golden statues of Buddha inside the Wat Chalong Temple

Thailand as a country with thousands of temples recently had booming visitors from all around the world. The tourists are not only wanting to have a vacation but also to learn more about Thai culture. As a result, This majestic temple had become the iconic landmark of Thai culture.

The Wat Chalong Temple was built first at the beginning of the 19th century. The temple was dedicated to monks who lead protest actions toward Chinese tin miners. The monks also provided shelter, aids, and food for the locals. That is why you may see three statues of Monks inside the temple.

Even though The Wat Chalong temple has become a tourism site, the temple remains sacred for people to pray. If you come to the temple early in the morning around sunrise, you can witness the morning ritual held in the Temple. The ceremony usually led by the monks and followed by the locals. The ceremony also includes a ritual of giving food to the monks who reside within the Temple. According to the locals, this morning ritual will bring luck to the day.

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